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You're a creative woman in business. A spirited visionary - looking to bring some heart into your business, but hunting for the right She-Power to help you.

We work exclusively with female run, soulful, heart-centered businesses to get them noticed online through powerful launches and timeless design. From core brand identity and web design, right through to top-scale product and course launches.

it's time to get your genius seen with delightful design & powerful launches

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Heart-Run Creative Businesses.

Here at The Sunday Society, we support legacy-building business owners in building beautiful, sustainable business identities through powerful launches and timeless design. From core brand identity and web design, right through to top-scale product and course launches.

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With a penchant for timeless elegance, your designs will be rooted in much more than just what's trendy on IG right now.

Our branding process is unlike any other as a result of our intuitive, value-focussed practice.

We bring a unique blend of marketing magic, design excellence and technical genius to everything we do.

Run by neurodiverse mothers, we understand how precious your time is, and aim to maximise that during our time together.

We've helped over 200 creatives launch, scale and transform their businesses with our interactive and inspiring online courses

Our discovery call might be crashed by our rescue dog Bandit or baby boy Atlas who both love to steal the limelight.

The most high-level and comprehensive membership  for starting, scaling and slaying as a Creative Service Provider that you will actually use.

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"Luci pours sheer intention & excellence in to her work."


the brand stylist, creative director & author

Working with Luci has been a real joy and I’ve loved seeing her work and her process evolve with each project. Luci absolutely blew me away with her final submission, which not only nailed the brief, but also was an exquisite piece of design work that would create the distinctive and covetable impact the brief required.


"Luci stands in a league above & beyond
anything we have seen before"

& Ann Sheybani

summit success

She is a consummate professional. She is always timely and responsive. Her communication is clear. Her business flow is seamless. Her design aesthetic is extraordinary. It captures who we are and what we do in a way we've never been able to capture before. And it's beautiful. If you want to work with consummate professionals with an unparalleled design aesthetic, then work with Luci.

Walt Hampton


"My brand and website is such a reflection of who I truly am!"



The whole experience was SO positive. Luci just got me and my brand and from such a soul aligned place. She’s a lovely person inside and out and her creative talents are unbelievable. If you’re on the fence, undecided, take my advice; Do it! She’s worth every penny!


Luci is super smart, tech savvy, and an all-round creative genius



Luci is an absolute JOY to work with. She not only meets expectations but exceeds them. She’s incredibly organised, fun to work with, open minded, flexible and great at coming up with brilliant ideas. She is very committed, conscientious and reliable, and so quick and responsive. She has the answers to questions I didn’t even know I had, and is solution focused and calm. She’s a beautiful soul who's an asset to my business.


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