At Eileva Tide we believe in new beginnings and endless possibilities. 

Eileva Tide Studio was founded by Luci; a twenty something free-spirit hailing from a quaint macrame, crystal and plant-filled home studio on England's south coast.

We want you to look at your business and feel how you'd feel if you were stood at the tip of a dock, toes poking over the edge, soaking in the calming waves and beautiful sunset. We believe that every day is a fresh start to create something amazing, and we want to create that for you.

We now help some of the most influential women in the online creative industries bring clarity, automation, gorgeously unique design and productivity to their businesses, and blog about things that'll help you get there, too!

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We value intention behind our work. We don’t simply churn out replicable designs and strategies, we dig deep down into the heart of your business. Because our businesses are like our babies, right?

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Through our intentional design practice, we balance the masculine and feminine energies with psychology and seasonal personalities to create something as true to you as it is resonant with your ideal client.

We understand that not all online businesses are by-the-book, and value each business as the individuals behind them. For that reason, we take a unique approach to funnel and launch strategy that is specific to your audience, your product and your genius.

We’re big believers in universal signs and manifestation, and are pretty sure you’re here for a reason.

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We’re big on the woo, crystals, magick and energy work around here

Our branding process is unlike any other as a result of our intentional, heart-centered practice

We are run exclusively by women, for women with heart

In 2020 we launched The Creative VA Blueprint, a course that has helped over 100 women grow wildly successful Creative VA businesses.

Want an oracle card reading in your discovery call for fun? We got you.

Our discovery call might be crashed by our rescue dog Bandit, who loves to steal the show.

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