These Creative VAs are members of the Creative VA Clubhouse run in-house, and have all graduated from our signature programme, The Creative VA Blueprint, where we train and coach them in marketing funnels, Adobe programmes, Web Design & CSS, email marketing and more.

In need of a Creative VA with killer design, marketing and tech skills? Look no further! Here are some of our handpicked Creative VAs, trained, vetted and approved by Eileva Tide Studio to help your business flourish.

Take a look to find the perfect match for your new biz sidekick.

Yvie at Yoco Studio

Specialises in

Yvie's dream clients would be Indie Roller, Anpé Atelier, Mean Mail, Innocent Smoothies, Fanella Smith. Are you a colourful indie biz? Reach out to begin!

Design & creative content for colourful indie businesses packed full of personality.

Prices starting at £500

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Abby at Abbsolute Studio

Specialises in

Abby works with female coaches and educators, supporting their businesses so they can be the visionary, knowing the behind-the-scenes stuff is in good hands!

Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Pinterest Management, Design & Graphics Creation

Prices starting at £350/mth or £30/hr

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Poppy at AmaReign Creative

Specialises in

A hard-working Mumpreneur herself, Poppy loves working with fiercely Creative Entrepreneurs who are also Mothers themselves, supporting them to convey their mission and message with stunning design.

Design and Launch Support

Prices starting at £150

Enquire with Poppy

Amy at Ace + Wren

Specialises in

Amy works with Creatives running small businesses who want to focus on what they're great at. With the knowledge that their business is being taken care of, they can focus on their passion, creation and craft.

Design, copywriting, and marketing support

Prices starting at £25/hr

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Katherine at Fjara Steinn

Specialises in

Katherine works with Mumpreneurs who run their business with heart and intention alongside raising a family. She supports them to reclaim time within their business and their family life.

Design, Social Media Management, Email Marketing & Automation Set Up

Prices starting at £150

Enquire with Katherine

Kirsty at K-Lou Creative

Specialises in

Kirsty loves to work with ambitious, inspirational Female Business Coaches who need to free up some of their precious time to put back the sparkle in their business!

Pinterest Management, Social Media Management, Email Management & Brand/Web Design

Prices starting at £250

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